Best Lawnmower for 2017

The Craftsman 37430 lawn mower is of the Briggs and Stratton Silver series. You might ask, “What makes this lawn mower the best among others push mowers in the market?” From my experience, the features that make this particular lawn mower the best is the gasoline power source, a 21 -inch cutting width with three different cutting methods namely the mulch, side discharge and bag clippings.


Upon the purchase of the mower, the equipment is delivered in a well-packaged box. I immediately unboxed my mower as I wanted to start trimming my front lawn. The assembling process was relatively easy as the manuals were clear on which part goes where.

During mowing operations, the engine started on the first attempt and pushing the mower over the lawn was relatively easy as it weighs 65 pounds which is pretty light. Amazingly, the Craftsman is able to handle weed and grass that was relatively long and thick. I have had this mower for about a year now and I can truly say that it is a high-performance equipment that provides value for money spent.


One drawback of this mower worth mentioning is the noisy sound produced when mowing since the engine is gasoline powered. Secondly, maintaining the engine to prevent rust and contamination is required. The final con is the handle that lacks a plastic guard and is not rubberized making it hard to properly grip the mower causing discomfort on the hands.

Buying guide

The Craftsman 37430 lawn mower is considered the best lawn mower of 2017 as its features are in line with the buying guide. The features compared to all other lawn mowers are the costs of purchasing and delivery in some cases, the cutting width, the power source and the speed of cut. The mower surpasses the expectations of its users in speed, relatively wide cutting width and cost.

Mowing tips

Some mowing tips that come in handy is to let the grass grow longer to about 4 inches and raise the height of the deck of the mower using the lever to 3 inches and above. You should then use a ruler to confirm the correct height by measuring between the blade and flat ground. After mowing, clean the mower immediately as the dirt comes out faster. Also frequently sharpen the blade.


In the months I have been using this mower, I make it a habit of carrying out maintenance activities to enhance the high performance. The basic activities being properly cleaning the blade to remove grass and other materials. If I am storing the mower at the end of the season I ensure that I remove the gas, stabilize or remove the fuel if I don’t have a stabilizer available.

How to remove and replace the blade

Steps to removing the blade include first removing the spark plug. Next is to lay the mower in such a way that the air filter faces up. Care should be taken such as using gloves when handling the blade to prevent cuts. You should then use a block to make the blade stationary. When this is done, unscrew and loosen the bolt using a wrench. Note the correct direction the blade is fixed, this will come in handy when fixing it back. Fixing back the blade follows the same pattern in reverse where you make the blade stationary with the block, fix the bolt and tighten it using a wrench until secure. Finally, position the mower in its original position.